How to Deal with Hasty or Delayed Ejaculation

Sex is not always a straightforward experience as we would love to imagine and a lot of men are faced with a delayed or rapid ejaculation. This is often an embarrassment for both the partners. To understand the basics of a delayed or rapid ejaculation, one needs to understand the mechanism of it and how the ejaculation evolves. A man experiences an ejaculation after his sexual stimulation has reached completion with semen being ejected out of the penis. Ejaculation has 2 phases – emission and actual ejaculation.

Emission: This stage of ejaculation is regulated by the SNS or sympathetic nervous system; it is known as the stage when ejaculation is inevitable. There is no going back.

Proper Ejaculation: This is the stage when the semen is ejected via the urethra with the help of rhythmic contractions. These contractions are an aspect of male orgasm that may last for about 17 seconds. It is known as the ideal scenario, although some men may experience difficulties or problems such as delayed or rapid ejaculation.

Rapid Ejaculation: Statistics reveal that 20% – 40% men face rapid ejaculation, but then rapid ejaculation may be embarrassing and lead to disappointment if you are in a long term sexual relationship. This is because the ejaculation occurs frequently. However, rapid ejaculation may be avoided in various ways. Viagra is a wonder pill that can treat the condition amicably. In rapid ejaculation, the duration of an erection may vary and men experience the ejaculation even before they are prepared. Ideally, rapid ejaculation occurs briefly after penetration.

The causes of rapid ejaculation may be emotional or medical. While not many physical reasons contribute to rapid ejaculation, there are emotional or mental issues that may be responsible. Some of these include inexperience, overexcitement, and excess stimulation. Men may opt for ejecting before a sexual experience to check rapid ejaculation. Shallow penetration in the beginning is recommended because it may be less stimulating for him, but more stimulating for her.

Delay in Ejaculation: Statistics reveal that a delayed ejaculation may be an embarrassment and a cause of frustration. It often means that the man is unable to eject or that ejaculation requires over 30 minutes. The causes of a delayed ejaculation can include neurological problems, alcoholism, and abuse of drugs and traumatized pelvic nerves. However, the common reason is a psychological issue which has its basis in performance or cultural or religious taboos. Other causes may be masturbation patterns. For example, a man who usually masturbates faster might find it tough to slow down his activity.

It is best to diagnose delayed ejaculation through a neurological or physical exam which will help identify the root cause. Treatment may involve lessons with a sex doctor, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, altered medicines if the reason is the effect of medication, taking of Viagra, exercises and more. If you are concerned with the aspect of delayed or rapid ejaculation, do not feel embarrassed. If you are engaged in a committed physical relationship, feel free to bring out the matter before your partner.

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