Is Erectile Dysfunction Related with Obesity?

While an increasing number of men are suffering from erectile dysfunction, and people exploring the various options of treatment, a peek into the causes of the condition may prove useful. Out of the myriad aspects responsible, such as hypertension and alcoholism, something that most people would agree with as being one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction is obesity.

15 to 30 million Americans feel difficulty in achieving or maintaining their erection. 60% of Americans are reportedly overweight and this makes you wonder whether the conditions are related. It is true that overweight individuals cannot enjoy healthy sex life as they progress towards old age.

Why are Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity Correlated?

The primary reason for this is insulin resistance which is a condition that occurs when the usual insulin levels are not sufficient to lead to the normal insulin response within the body. This leads to the storage of superfluous triglycerides in the body, resulting in more of insulin. The condition may stem from the consumption of corn syrup that is rich in fructose. Fructose is a major part of the US diet and accounts for obesity in the country.

One of the best ways of tackling the problem is by adding health foods in your diet chart like fish. If obesity causes insulin resistance, it affects the endothelial function by creating irritation. The walls of the blood vessels contract and expand effectively by virtue of our endothelial function. In case of impairment of the condition, you may experience erectile dysfunction or cardiovascular issues.

Another aspect which relates to erectile dysfunction and obesity is hypogonadism which refers to a very low level of testosterone. It is common in old age, although hypogonadism may even relate to the loss of your lean muscle mass and accumulation of belly fat. Some of the common symptoms of hypogonadism include impaired erectile function, tiredness and fatigue and loss of libido.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

The testosterone levels of men can be improved with the help of exercises. Regular workouts will lead to tackling of obesity which will thereby contribute to better sexual performance. This is why it is best to see a specialist and ask them to examine your testosterone levels. If you are diagnosed with hypogonadism, you will be required to take testosterone replacement injections.

Reducing a small amount of weight will take you a long way in solving your problem of ED. It is best to focus on more exercise and revise your diet to include more of green vegetables and less of fats and sugars. Purchasing whole foods from grocery stores is ideally recommended and it is best to avoid anything which includes increased fructose corn syrup like soft drinks.

Losing a small amount of weight is highly effective in improving your sexual performance and this is why even a slight improvement can take you a long way to reverse the issue. Other than reducing your BMI, you may even take Viagra for correcting erectile dysfunction with positive benefits.

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