What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common problem affecting men all over the world. It may be faced by men of all age groups, although the condition is more common in men who are slightly older. ED is a condition when a man cannot attain or maintain an erection. The condition is prominent in men who are more than 65 years old. Some of the common causes of an erectile dysfunction involve diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Viagra is commonly recommended as a treatment for ED due to the desirable results it generates. As an effective prescription drug, Viagra works by enhancing circulation.

Some of the primary causes leading to ED in men may include excessive drinking or smoking and taking of certain medications. Stress is also one of the major aspects and this is why men who are aging are advised to stay relaxed and calm. Often, men tend to feel unsure or nervous before a sexual encounter and this may lead to dysfunction. Problems or troubles in a relationship can even lead to difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection. The good news is that you can deal with all of these problems.

It is tough to handle an erectile dysfunction additionally because it is a sensitive matter when it involves men. An important factor contributing to dysfunction can be your diet and this is why you must ensure to consume extremely healthy foods. Including nutritious fruits and vegetables in your diet is important and this should be clubbed with ample water and fiber. You must also get lots of exercise on a regular basis.

How to Deal with the Causes of an Erectile Dysfunction

To handle the different causes leading to an erectile dysfunction, you must do several things. There are the natural modes of treatment available like relaxation and calming exercises and changes to your diet. However, it is most recommended to opt for prescription medication like Viagra which is known all over the world owing to its high rate of success. Viagra is a wonder drug which helps men to achieve as well as maintain an erection. It is indeed notorious due to its wondrous effects.

Viagra has been used successfully to cure impotence for a long time and the recommended dosage is to take the pill an hour prior to having sexual intercourse. The drug functions by encouraging the flow of blood in your penis so that it can achieve and sustain an erection. Moreover, Viagra has few side effects. The drug should be used as required and if proper instructions are followed, you will obtain great success with the drug.

It is a fact that most men hesitate to confess that they are going through erectile dysfunction. However, the subject should not be ignored since it is no longer a social or cultural taboo. A lot of methods of treatment are available these days and with prescription drugs such as Viagra there is nothing to worry about. Exercises and changes in your lifestyle are also recommended as effective cures.

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